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Proper Spelling

The Brand is called Yes Startups, spelled in title case with a capital Y and S and a space between each word. It is not spelled yesstartups or yes-startups.  The words can only be combined if written as part of the domain, such as

Please Don’t

Company Intros


A Startup for Startups!


To help first-time entrepreneurs build, launch, and scale their ventures at minimum cost.


To build an affordable resource-based co-creation and co-sharing creative community for startups that can provide all the required resources and expertise to put mentoring inputs into real actions.

Short Description

Yes Startups is a platform to nurture a healthy community of startups by creating an environment where they can achieve their full potential and be given the best possible chance to do well and succeed.

Long Description

Yes Startups is a one-stop destination for startups and small businesses to launch their products or services and grow. Our scalable, “Membership” model means that every business – no matter what stage – can get world-class mentorship, affordable design & digital services, robust platforms, tools and more that helps entrepreneurs take their ventures in the right direction and enables them to grow into world-class companies.

Key benefits to community members

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